UPDATE: This week before Easter is a short one, as we will not have classes this Thursday, in observance of Maundy Thursday. Therefore, we have decided to delay the Peeps Contest judging until NEXT TUESDAY, April 23rd. This will allow extra time to construct your dioramas, and we hope you enjoy a time of reflection and anticipation this Holy Week as we look forward to Resurrection Sunday.

– Originally posted March 28, 2019

ZLO’s annual Peeps contest is back!

Get your family, friends and Peeps together, gather paint, cardboard, construction paper and markers and let your imagination go wild. Create a Peeps display using any supplies you have and on any theme you’d like. Bring your display to school on April 16, where displays will be judged during lunch.

Here are pictures from last year’s contest, including winners:

UPDATE: ZLO’s 2nd Annual Peeps Contest!
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