The weekend after Thanksgiving could be pretty cold. It won’t be cold enough to do this (throwing hot water into very cold air):

but what will happen if you toss a mug of very hot water and a cup of ice water onto your lawn at the same time when it’s cold outside?  Which will freeze first?

Set up your cameras when it’s really cold and take video!  

Maybe take time lapse video.  Maybe take slow-motion video.

It will be coldest at night, so if you do this then you will need extra lighting to take video.

Don’t put water that will freeze on sidewalks where people will need to walk.

Think of another question you could answer by taking video. (Will your camera work when it’s very cold?)

Submit your video(s) by posting on our Facebook event, or email.

Molly Crocker, ZLO Director

ZLO Thanksgiving Weekend Video Challenge
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