There aren’t many days on the calendar that point the general public to the amazing world of math, but March 13 is one! At ZLO, Pi Day was celebrated in a variety of ways by the math teachers, but always with pie.

On Thursday, March 11th Algebra 1 celebrated Pi Day with Apple Crumble Pie! Pi Day is technically celebrated on March 14th, a Sunday this year. Algebra students discussed why Pi is celebrated on March 14th, and we noted the Greek symbol and the number that represents Pi – approximately 3.1416… This number is irrational because the numbers after the decimal point will go on into infinity without any pattern.

On Tuesday, March 16th, Pre Algebra celebrated Pi Day with snack pies that were shared with other students at lunch time. Then, during class the Pre-Algebra students measured circles of all sizes to “discover” the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. No matter how large or small the circle is, the circumference divided by the diameter will always equal approximately 3.1416….

Also noted in Algebra 1, March 14th is Albert Einstein’s birthday. However, Einstein did not discover this irrational but useful, endless number called pi. To learn more about pi and how it is a reflection of our Creator, check out this month’s bulletin board.

ZLO Algebra Classes Celebrate Pi-Day
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