Box Tops is an easy and helpful way for ZLO to earn money. Erica Donalson has agreed to be our new Box Tops Coordinator and will be available during lunch periods to collect Box Tops & distribute prizes. Students are encouraged to turn them in during this time. Those not turning in Box Tops will also be allowed to purchase candy for $1 per bar/pkg.

10 Box Tops = 1 candy/prize (20 = 2, 30 = 3, and so on…)

Lunch period is the only time that candy should be purchased outright (without turning in Box Tops) and students will need to go to Mrs. Donalson to purchase it. It cannot be purchased through the pizza line.

If a student/parent is not able to turn in Box Tops during lunch, they should give their Box Top form (their name should be on it) to the supervisor on duty. The supervisor can let them choose the candy/prize of their choice.

Update: Box Tops for Education