In twenty plus years of leading ZLO, I’ve learned there is ONE thing that takes our school from

good to great: a vibrant, active, hospitable parent team. We need that great parent leadership

now more than ever – that person or team that sees the needs and knows how to organize and

delegate tasks. Jill Roderick has been amazing in that role, but needs to pass the leadership on

before her kids age out of our program.

The increase or decrease in enrollments over the last decade is directly linked to the activity of

the parent team. How is it that they’re so influential?

We’ve been a witness to it in these ways: primarily, a parent-leader blesses our families with

hospitality. When our parents go out of their way to find out how they can include a family in

regular ZLO happenings, then people begin to feel connected. When parents are connected, their

kids are happier. The family members too young for ZLO classes look forward to being part of

those classes soon. Other families who are looking at homeschool options can come visit and

experience a class first hand.

Additionally, parents spread the word to the community when ZLO needs new instructors.

Posting notices, talking to friends, inviting new families to visit are our best advertising. Not

only that, but parents have the expertise that rounds out our efforts and keeps us ticking. They

have art skills, tech skills, bookkeeping skills, on and on. I’ve seen parents help kids with their

homework in study hall. I’ve seen parents offer encouragement to kids struggling with

coursework. Parents share knowledge and experience with other parents, give guidance, and

offer prayers.

Would you please consider filling this role? We need you.

I can guarantee anyone who agrees to step into the role will have all the help you

need because our parents are amazing. More than ever, we need your eyes, ears, heart, and

prayers to give good direction.

Without our parent team, we are little better than a class taken online. With our parent

team, we not only prepare our kids for the future, but those same kids make a significant

difference in our community.

Molly Crocker

Administrator, ZLO

To: The ZLO Parent Team
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