It’s not often we have a dollhouse in our study hall but we did this week when Mrs. Likkel brought in one of her most cherished possessions to share with her Beyond the Basics class. The house is mentioned in their latest read, The Flamboya Tree, written by Clara Kelly.

Clara, who now lives in Bellingham, endured 4 years of her childhood in a concentration camp on the island of Java. Along with her mother and two brothers, she suffered incredible pain and mistreatment. When they returned to Holland, the dollhouse which had been her mother’s was a source of great calm and rest. She says it helped to heal her.

We are fortunate to be able to see this piece of history. Built in 1900 in Germany, it was a gift from her grandfather to his three little girls. It traveled from Holland to Sri Lanka, to Indonesia, back to Holland, then London, Canada, Maine, Bellingham and now to Mrs. Likkel’s home. Filled with intricate furniture, it has 5 different sets of dishes alone, along with the original dolls with articulated limbs and genuine Dutch lace.

Mrs. Likkel is grateful for the respect with which her students viewed the house. As one student so aptly said, “It is sobering and an honor to be able to see this piece of history.”

– Photos courtesy of Beyond the Basics student, Josh Andres.

The Dollhouse
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