Mrs. Likkel’s sophomore English class studied poetry in April.  For this particular assignment, Noah Johnson was inspired to model his own poetry after the original, in which a poet wonders what happened at an abandoned property.  He postulates based on the evidence he finds.  Enjoy!

Written and Produced by Noah Johnson, Sophomore English Poetry
April 25, 2017

Inspired by Kooser’s, “Abandoned Farmhouse”

Abandoned Mobile Home

They’ve been gone awhile, says the soggy insulation
under rotting wood and drooping deck;
they didn’t maintain it at all, says the creeping moss
on the corners of the besmirched abode; and they were good, creature-loving folk,
says the insect with a skill for climbing
up the wall by the window, smudged with age;
but not folk for cleaning, says the floor cluttered
with broken sheetrock and exposed wire.

An exterminator lived there, says the mousetrap
containing a mouse and the floors
with two cans of hornet spray, and there was a child,
says the room occupied by crayons and building blocks.
Not a handyman, say the unfinished carpeting job
and the curtain rod falling out of the wall.
And the man wasn’t a farmer, says the bundle of rusty wire fence on the floor.
It was a place for death, say the crawling flies.

No one cared, says the empty mobile home
in the moss-ridden yard. Open dish soap on the counter
says they were not cleaners; the missing oven
says they had planned to leave, but not as quickly as they actually did.
And the child? Its utensils are scattered throughout the house
like Easter eggs after being hidden— blue, red, orange,
a purple crayon broken into pieces,
a child’s drawing book. No one cared, they say.


Student Spotlight – Noah Johnson
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