Meet Nellie!
If you came to our recent Open House, you might have seen an impressive model structure of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on the World History table. That was Nellie’s careful and creative work. Her hobbies include: pencil art, digital art, listening to music, playing piano, and creative writing. She lives on a small hobby farm with chickens, ducks, a trout pond, and an orchard, and she has a fluffy, calico cat named Greta. Nellie says that Greta “lives in my room and thinks that I am her Mom.” She took archery classes in the church where ZLO
meets and has her own compound bow for a left-handed shooter.  

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Model by ZLO student, Nellie.

She’s also involved with her youth group that meets every Thursday night. She says, “we study the Bible and play really fun games, or go on scavenger hunts, and even go on trips to the zoo or water park.” All four of Nellie’s brothers went to ZLO and are now in college or working. She likes the small class sizes at ZLO “because you get to know everyone and it is not so intimidating.” She also finds the classes “challenging enough that I feel like I am really learning something.”

– Dr. Douglas Mangum

Student Spotlight: Nellie
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