Meg is 10 years old and the youngest of 7 children in her family. “All of my brothers and sisters have taken (or are taking) classes at ZLO,” she writes.

When she isn’t occupied with academics, Meg has several pastimes. “I really enjoy playing soccer with my friends. I also enjoy putting on plays with my sister, Rebecca, and the kids in my neighborhood. We usually perform our plays in front of my family. Each summer I participate in Summerstock, Lynden’s musical theater camp. Last year, I got to be a penguin in “Madagascar Jr.” and the year before, I was the magic carpet in “Aladdin”. When I was seven, I was chosen to be Gretyl in “The Sound Of Music” at the Claire vg. Thomas Theater. I love everything about the theater, from the songs and the dances to the colorful sets.”

In addition to her athletic and acting ventures, she exercises her mathematical abilities with her dad. “One of my favorite things to learn about is engineering with my dad. I have built a hydraulic crane, a simple robot, and a lava lamp! I really want to invent something new to the world someday.”

This is Meg’s first year at ZLO and she likes it! “I like attending ZLO because of the kind and loving teachers and the opportunity to learn more.”

Student Spotlight: Meg
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