It was my turn. “Where are you going to school next year, Heidi?” my first-grade teacher asked. My school was closing for remodeling and all the students and their parents had to find another mode of education. “I’m going to be homeschooled,” I announced proudly. After class, my teacher took my mom aside. “I hear you’re going to homeschool next year.”  “Oh!” my mother exclaimed. “We are?” That was how we started homeschooling. My mom had toyed with the idea and conversed with several experienced homeschool moms, but we had never actually decided on a plan. The next fall, we began homeschool. My appreciation and love for homeschooling has never faded since I opened my first box of books. Over the years, I did some co-ops with friends, and tried a parent partnership.  Last year, we found out about ZLO, and I began with just one class, later to add on a second one in the second semester. Now I am taking math and English, and I enjoy them both. I love how the people at ZLO truly care about everyone else, and how the students love to learn: the attitude is very positive and friendly.

Outside of school, I love training dogs. I got my first dog when I was five, and have had her ever since. Training simple tricks throughout our life together evolved into starting serious training two years ago. I learned how to train dogs by watching YouTube videos and reading books. I do trick-training and canine freestyle with her. For Thanksgiving, I trained her to tape a leaf to our thankful tree. Now we are working on wrapping a present for Christmas. Last November, I decided to rescue another dog, and started looking in March. My plan was to get the puppy in the summer, but that didn’t work out and I am still looking. I spend several hours a day searching for my rescue puppy, and I have found there are so many dogs in need of loving, responsible homes. Approximately 670,000 dogs get euthanized each year, and not just the reactive ones, many puppies and purebreds too. So I continue my search for my best friend – I am determined to find him!

Student Spotlight: Heidi Koepp
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