Student Spotlight – Esther Berdan

Meet Esther Berdan. She is talented, compassionate, clever and funny. She uses her creative talents through her crocheting. From bookmarks to bonnets, masks to pumpkins, some say she can crochet literally anything. Esther showed her craftsmanship at the NW Washington Fair and did very well, even impressing the judges who have been crocheting items for decades. One docent made sure to say that this “young lady is one of the most talented ‘crocheters’ she has seen in years.”

She is also the big sister to five siblings, been playing piano for five years, is working on completing her driver training, and is even cooking meals for the entire family when called upon. Check out Esther’s handiwork at the ZLO Entrepreneur Day this Saturday. She made adorable crocheted pumpkins that will sell out for sure!

Submitted by ZLO Instructor, Mrs. Erica Berdan
Student Spotlight: Esther Berdan
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