Student Spotlight: Cole Philips

Cole Philips’ main out-of-school activity is Explorers, which is similar to Boy Scouts but it’s the cop version. He meets with his Explorer peers three times a month in Blaine to do hands-on training learning about domestic violence, traffic stops, building raids, arrest procedures and such. He’s been in the post for one year this May. He also has the opportunity to attend week-long summer and winter academies in Yakima as well as a week of “pre-academy” in Blaine. They train with real officers with real equipment to get the full feel of it. Since he is interested in working in customs someday, this opportunity is amazing. 

Other than that, Cole volunteers at the CTK community garden in the summer. Cole is a vital member of our ZLO family, providing stable leadership and offering a hand whenever one is needed.
-Submitted by Mrs. Sue Likkel
Student Spotlight: Cole
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