– Emailed April 8, 2018

Scheduling Exercise is OPEN!

Thank you for your interest in classes at ZLO, and for participating in our Scheduling Exercise.

Scheduling Exercise 2020

This is not registration. You are not committing to the classes you select for your child(ren). Your participation does, however, help determine the classes we offer when registration begins next month.

Registration is scheduled to begin May 2, 2018.

A few notes before you begin:

Explorations in Art & Design (ages 7 and up):
We are limited to 6 students per class, but there is an option to have more than one class. If the response is overwhelming, as it has been in the past, Mrs. Charleston has offered to have two classes.

We are pleased to announce we have a new Science teacher, Mr. James Crosetti, who will be offering both Physics and Chemistry (high school level). He may also be available to teach high school level math courses in the future.

If the class you want is “unstaffed,” or not on the list: Please do not hesitate to select a currently unstaffed class, or suggest one that is not on the list. If there is enough interest, we will do our best to find a qualified instructor to teach the class.

You will be able to watch the schedule building process in the upstairs hallway, outside Mrs. Crocker’s room, from April 10-April 19, 2018.


Registration will begin on May 2, 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Contact ZLO Director: Molly Crocker

Contact ZLO Registrar: Deanna Kangas

Scheduling Exercise is OPEN!
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