Update: April 21, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Scheduling Exercise. The survey is now closed. Next, we will have a schedule for Fall classes, followed by Registration opening next month (May.) Where will you find this information? In our newsletter! If you aren’t already receiving it, subscribe today!

The Scheduling Exercise survey ends THIS Saturday evening, April 18th. If you have not yet participated and are THINKING about having your child(ren) take classes at ZLO this fall, we really need your input! We are looking forward with optimism and want to make sure we are able to accommodate your needs as much as possible!

Due to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic & subsequent “Stay at Home” order, we have been unable to reschedule our Information Night for families considering classes at ZLO. If you have questions about the classes we offer, or ZLO in general, please contact our director, Molly Crocker, at the phone number above or at director@zlo.org. You may also request to contact any of our teachers directly with more specific questions about their classes.

If you know of other homeschooling families who could benefit from classes at ZLO, please encourage them to participate in the Scheduling Exercise.

Click below to begin the Scheduling Exercise!

Remember to complete the survey separately for each child.

(survey is now closed)

Now is the time to be dreaming about classes you would like for your kids next Fall!

ZLO’s Scheduling Exercise for 2019-2020 classes will begin Sunday April 5, 2020, and conclude on Saturday, April 18, 2020. The classes that we offer for the next academic year will be a direct result of the responses to the Scheduling Exercise.

Our teachers have prepared descriptions of all the courses they offer, and there are many more classes offered than we have time to teach. What lands on the schedule is the direct result of the responses gathered during the scheduling exercise.

 ➡ Course Offerings

What is a scheduling exercise, and why do we do it?

The Scheduling Exercise is a mock registration, of sorts, where you are able to dream a little about the classes you would like for your child(ren). You will be able to request more than four classes per student, and you’ll be able to prioritize which classes are the most important. You’ll also be able to indicate any scheduling restrictions, and request classes that aren’t already included in the exercise. 

Since we are still under a “Stay at Home” order, ZLO Registrar, Deanna Kangas, will be building the wall at her home and will communicate with teachers and families as necessary to work out scheduling collisions. Classes that get no requests will be eliminated. Classes that overflow will get a second section. Requests for a class that we don’t currently offer will tell us that we’ll need to find another instructor. Please be in prayer for these possibilities! We love these kinds of problems but they also require careful discerning.

If you plan to have your child(ren) attend classes in the fall, or are still thinking about it, we ask for your participation. The schedule we end up with for Fall 2020-2021 is a direct result of the Scheduling Exercise.

Additionally, if you know of families who are seriously considering a class or two at ZLO next year, please encourage them to participate in the Scheduling Exercise.

How will you know when it’s officially open? Check your email! We will send out a special announcement on the evening of Sunday, April 5, as soon as it is live.

Comments or Questions? Please contact Molly Crocker.

– originally published March 28, 2020

Scheduling Exercise: April 5-18, 2020
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