by Sue Likkel
English Teacher at ZLO

Mrs. Likkel’s Freshman English class just read Same Kind of Different as Me about Ron Hall, a wealthy art dealer, and Denver Moore, an illiterate, homeless man who became deep, spiritual friends. Unfortunately, hardship brought them together as they met as the Union Gospel Mission in Ft. Worth, TX. but little did they know that beautiful things were going to be theirs in abundance.

At the heart of the story is Ron’s wife, Debbie, who saw Denver in a dream. God told her he was the man who would change the city. When they first encountered him, he was belligerent and downright frightening. But Ron asked if he could be his friend. Skeptical at first, Denver accepted the offer and over a short amount of time, Ron came to appreciate and rely on Denver’s homespun wisdom and words from the Lord.

Here’s what Mrs. Likkel’s students had to say about this book:

“This story shows how love can conquer hate and prejudice.”

“I’m inspired to have compassion on those [who are different than me] and not judge them on the outside because what is on the outside is not what is on the inside….Ron and Denver showed how friendship can remove prejudice.”

“The fact that God reached out to a homeless man who did many wrong things is amazing, because most people would think that’s the last person anyone would go to. Fortunately, God has grace, mercy and most of all, love.”

“This book inspires me to think before I make judgments about people. You never know where they have come from or what they’re experiencing. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes and judgments but in the end, there is always room to change. It just takes time, love, and grace.”

We know that “this earth ain’t no final restin’ place, so in a way we is all homeless,” Denver says. Though we may think that we’re ‘above’ someone else because we make better choices, we’ve seen that that isn’t always the case and we have to be open to what God has to show us about someone who is different from us. Denver does this beautifully and Ron was graciously open to it. Thankfully, their story is available to us to read so we can be inspired and touched by their lives. We’ll let Denver close by telling you, too, that “I’m a nobody tryin’ to tell everybody about Somebody who can save anybody.”

Author’s note: We urge you to read the book as it is life-changing; also, the movie is a pale representation, omitting the most powerful truths of God’s power.

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Same Kind of Different As Me – A Review
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