May 2, 2020

When we were faced with the “Stay Home Stay Safe” order, we quickly adapted to video meetings and email assignments. Our teachers, students and their families have been incredibly encouraging and supportive of each others’ efforts!

This also created a challenge as we were just getting ready to begin our Scheduling Exercise for this Fall’s class offerings, but we did it! Thank you all for your patience and words of encouragement as we have been working hard at putting together a schedule that will work for most. We were pleased with another strong response to the Scheduling Exercise, given the uncertainty of this time, and are excited for the classes that will be offered for the next school year.

What we are certain about is that we can continue to provide classes and academic support for your homeschooling journey. We pray that we will all be together under one roof come this September, but whether we begin in a building or if we have to start virtually for a short time, we are incredibly optimistic about our abilities to adapt to whatever the “new normal” may look like for us.

Registration Announcement
We expect to open Registration on the evening of Friday, May 15th. Those who are signed up to receive our newsletter will be the first to receive the official notice (email) that Registration has begun. It will then be posted on social media the following morning.

Several classes had an overwhelming response and we expect that they will fill very quickly. If you are certain of the classes that you would like for your child(ren) to attend next year, we highly encourage you to register sooner than later – even if it means only registering for the “must have” classes! You can always add to your registration(s) later.

Classes are first come, first serve, and waiting lists will be made for those that fill up right away. Additionally, classes that do not meet minimum registration requirements by July 15th may be in danger of being dropped from our Fall class schedule. What can you do to ensure that the class makes it to the final schedule? Encourage your homeschooling acquaintances, friends and family to register!

Sneak Peak at the 2020-2021 Schedule

Registration begins May 15, 2020!
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