We are excited and blessed to announce that Mr. Crosetti will be returning for another year of teaching Chemistry!

Chemistry is currently on the schedule during SECOND PERIOD (10:00-11:15 am), and we have the possibility of adding a 1st period class depending on enrollment.

Class Description:

High School Science: Chemistry I
Instructor: Mr. James Crosetti
Grade Level or Ability Level: Grades 9-12
Course Length: 2 Semesters
Prerequisites: Must have completed, or is currently studying, Algebra
Min / Max Enrollment: 4/10
Course Materials: Lab fees and Textbook TBD

Topics to be covered:

  1. Development of theory of the structure of the atom
  2. Organization and meaning of the periodic table
  3. Theory of atomic bonding
  4. Brief overview of radioactivity
  5. The mole theory and mathematics of chemistry
  6. Solutions and solubility
  7. Acids and bases – definitions, pH, titration, an examination of the problem of acid rain
  8. Reduction-oxidation – calculate oxidation number, use half-reactions to predict reactions, electrochemistry (electrochemical cells, electrolysis, electroplating), discussion of electric cars
  9. Organic chemistry – major families, simple naming rules, reaction types
  10. Applied chemistry in agriculture, fresh water supplies, atmospheric science

If you have already registered, and would like to add Chemistry to your child’s schedule, please contact Deanna Kangas. If you have not registered for classes yet, you can Register Now!

– originally posted June 9, 2019

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Mr. Crosetti & Chemistry Return!
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