What does Mrs. Crocker do when she’s not at ZLO?

On Mondays and Wednesdays and during the summers you can find Mrs. Crocker at Gundies, Inc., wearing her pants with padded knees and her canvas apron. Her pockets are filled with small tools, paint crayons, and some technology. Gundies is an auto recycling business that buys wrecked cars and scavenges the good parts off of them for sale to folks who need replacement parts.

Mrs. Crocker’s job is to keep the place organized and be sure data about parts is accurate, and so her title is Warehouse Queen. There are six warehouses and 18 acres of cars, and things can slide into disarray pretty easily. Sometimes a door or a headlight is a left instead of a right. Sometimes it can be impossible to tell unless you are looking at a photo of the car. Sometimes parts get moved, and people forget to record it. Sometimes people record the wrong data. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a part is a radio or a just a navigation screen. Some parts serve dual purpose and are categorized as one but not the other for certain vehicles, and the other way around for other vehicles. Did you know there are about 10,000 styles of wheels for cars? Mrs. Crocker knows how to figure out which one it is.

On Fridays, Mrs. Crocker gets to watch her only granddaughter, two-year-old Emma. On Sundays you can find her playing guitar, leading some songs for Children’s Church. She also serves private well owners in Whatcom County by representing them to the Planning Unit. The goal is to protect their rights and the rights of everyone to be able to buy some property and put a home on it.

Ever wonder what our teachers do when they’re not at school? We know that our students have diverse interests and talents. They act, bike, camp, build and create, but how about the staff? Well, they’re just as active outside the classroom. Each month, we’ll feature a different staff member who stays busy in ways other than teaching. We love our ZLO students and staff members’ unique contributions to God’s world!

Meet Our Teachers: Mrs. Molly Crocker
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