Mrs. Hadfield likes to keep busy. If she is not planning for math and science classes at ZLO, you will probably find her outside in her garden or volunteering somewhere. Her garden keeps her busy not only grooming it but also trying to figure out the best ways to preserve the wonderful crops of yummy food. One of the ways she makes sure none of her produce goes to waste is by sharing it with the guests at the Lighthouse Mission. She can be found there Tuesday nights and on Fridays to make lattes.

Another passion Mrs. Hadfield has is to share the gospel with kids at the Good News Club where she helps teach every Thursday.

If you would like to be a barista, just let Mrs. Hadfield know and you can join her at The Drop In Center on Friday mornings from 10:00 – 12:00 pm. The more the merrier!

Ever wonder what our teachers do when they’re not at school? We know that our students have diverse interests and talents. They act, bike, camp, build and create, but how about the staff? Well, they’re just as active outside the classroom. Each month (or more), we’ll feature a different staff member who stays busy in ways other than teaching. We love our ZLO students and staff members’ unique contributions to God’s world!

Meet Our Teachers: Mrs. Heather Hadfield
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