From ZLO Students:

A huge “Thank you!” to ZLO student, Noah Johnson, for putting together this promotional video for us. Hear what students have to say about their experience at Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities.


From Rebecca Johnson:

“ZLO provided an opportunity for me to grow both in my education as well as my faith. Through ZLO I was able to obtain an education, while working at my own pace, without feeling rushed or overworked. The teachers truly cared about me and my education and I feel incredibly grateful to them for all they have done and the standards they have taught me to uphold, both in life and in academics. Now that I am at university studying Chemical Engineering, I am extremely grateful for having such a strong foundation in math, science, and especially English. I never felt unprepared for what was placed before me and I believe I owe a great deal of that preparedness to the education and support I received from ZLO and its instructors.

“I hope ZLO will continue to grow and provide the same opportunities for others to grow and thrive in their education and lives so they may continue to discover who God has made them to be.”


From Kristin Uhrig:

“I have had four children attend various classes at ZLO over the past 10 years. My oldest sons are now enrolled at Western Washington University, while two more are enjoying ZLO Biology with Mr. Youngquist and writing with Mrs. Likkel. ZLO has been the perfect fit for us as homeschoolers looking for help with certain subjects like Spanish, Algebra, Geography and Chemistry. The teachers are all excellent and give enough homework to keep the boys busy without overwhelming them. My oldest children say that ZLO helped them to learn critical time management and test taking skills that they really weren’t learning at home. The time and money invested in ZLO really paid off in the long run, because our children were well prepared by their ZLO classes to “run” through Running Start” and save lots of money in tuition as they earned both their High school diploma and Associate in Arts and Sciences degree from Whatcom Community College. This enabled them to transfer to WWU without having to take the SAT. All they need are their transcripts from WCC. ZLO provides my children crucial experience in class projects, labs, note taking in lectures, higher math, foreign language, and term paper writing, which are all needed to succeed at the college level. We have also made great friends, and have the benefit of Christian teachers who share our world view, and keep excellent records of what had been taught and what grades have been earned. Because the classes are just two days a week, we still have a flexible schedule for other things like sports, field trips, and music. I can’t recommend ZLO enough. No lessons plans. No reporting to the State. Just help where I decide my kids need it.”


From Heather K:

“I have had 3 children take classes at ZLO. I have been impressed with the level of academics at ZLO. It is far above the level of other classes my children had taken prior to ZLO. What has impressed me the most about ZLO is the teachers. The teachers take an interest in the children and get to know them. They look at each child as a whole and value them as a person. Each of my children is very different with different strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate that the teachers have encouraged my children in their gifted areas while helping them work through their weak areas. My children have all succeeded in their classes at ZLO. They have learned much, and have enjoyed being a part of the school.”