Do you know anyone who is planning to homeschool their children, or maybe just needs some more thorough information and direction?

On January 19th, Julie Sessions, a pioneer of homeschooling in Whatcom County, will be offering her parent qualifying homeschool class at Whatcom Community College via Zoom.

From Julie Sessions:

This class is a parent qualifying course in home-based education and legally qualities you to homeschool in Washington State.

This is an excellent chance for you to educate yourself about what choices could work the best for your children and your family.

· The class will be held over Zoom. A Zoom account is free and very easy to use.
· There will be five sessions, and each will be two hours long with a break in the middle.
· The price is a lot cheaper than it was in previous years because we reduced the hours, since long hours on a Zoom call can be tedious.

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You might want to take this class if any of the following describe you.

1) You’re feeling burnt out overwhelmed with educating your children at home.
2) You’re new to homeschooling and you’re confused by the available options (public school, parent partnership programs, traditional homeschooling, private schooling, online homeschooling or a hybrid of these).
3) You need this class to be legally qualified to do traditional (independent) homeschooling.
4) You took another homeschooling class, which was not very thorough, and it didn’t give you enough information to give you the confidence nor the skills that you need to homeschool .
5) You’re wondering if you could homeschool – how hard is it, anyway?
6) You’ve tried homeschooling and it didn’t work very well, but you’d still like to try again.
7) You just need some encouragement to keep going and even have some fun while learning more about homeschooling.
8) You want an overview of how to teach the 11 required subjects.
9) You want to understand how your child learns.

Who am I?

I was a pioneer of homeschooling in Whatcom County while raising my own children. I loved homeschooling and I’ve taught this class and encouraged thousands of homeschoolers over the past 20+ years.
I am very accepting of the variety of individual choices parents make about how they choose to homeschool. My job in this class is not to teach you to homeschool by copying my methods. My job is to help you discover what works best for both you and your children. In doing this, we will look at many different methods and ways of teaching and you will learn the strengths and some of the weaknesses of the different approaches.
Julie Sessions

Homeschool Parent Qualifying Course
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