We may still have a few warm days before cooler fall temps set in, but we do still have a dress code. We do not want our clothing to become a distraction in class so that learning can continue from the beginning of the year through the last day of classes. We strive to honor God as well as help each other grow in our walk with Him by first respecting God, respecting leaders and others, and respecting the property. Part of this respect is remembering modesty and purity while at ZLO and any events we do throughout the year.


Be covered. Get in front of a mirror, BEND OVER, and apply the 3-B test – ASK if you don’t know what this is. No spaghetti straps, no underwear showing, and hems on shorts and skirts will be knee-length.

Be clean.

Be comfortable.

Any communications (words, phrases, etc.) on clothing may not dishonor our Lord.

If a student’s appearance is a distraction then the student will be removed from class, and parents will be called to bring a change of clothes. We have over-sized T-shirts available for temporary use.

Information taken from Policies & Procedures.

Please contact our director, Molly Crocker, with any questions.

Dress Code Reminder
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