We’re moving into the Middle Ages with the start of the second semester here in World History. We covered over 4000 years of history in the first semester, so the mere 1500 years we have to cover this semester should be super easy!

The Middle School class helped me decorate the main bulletin board to illustrate some of what we did first semester. (Here’s a picture of me with the class; I’m the one with the beard.)

Pictures of student projects (from both MS and HS classes) or artifacts or places we learned about are connected to the appropriate region on the world map on the bulletin board. As you can see, we really are trying to hit everywhere on the globe, and we’ve covered events on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. We’ll get to the South Pacific this semester. The weather here last week and this week might be the closest we get to Antarctica.

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Classroom Connection: Only 1500 More Years!
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