Capture the Bacon

Bethany Lence, age 16

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others as more significant than your selves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Philippians 2:3-4 (ESV)

I am a very competitive person. For most of my life every game needed to be won, at all cost save cheating, of course. But my view of competition was changed completely by someone who barely even knew me. He showed me that kindness sometimes is winning, and you don’t have to give up competition to be kind.

One afternoon, I was playing a game with some peers called Capture the Bacon, which sounds like the best game ever until you learn that the game is just capture the flag with a football. We lined up and two captains were chosen to pick people for teams. One of the captains we will call Sean, and the other doesn’t matter to the story, so we will not give him a name. I usually get picked last or almost last, often because I am very quiet so people don’t notice me until I’m the only one left. Surprisingly, Sean called me after three or four people, and I noticed that the other people he was picking were not extraordinarily athletic, and were often picked closer to the end of the process. Sean is very competitive and plays football at Ferndale high school, so I was expecting him to pick people at his own level, however, he picked me. We won the game and I later asked him “Why didn’t you pick more athletic people for your team? Why did you pick us?” He answered “I wanted to give you a chance. I know what it’s like to get picked last and I wanted to show you all what it’s like to get picked first.”

That really made me think about how I play games. Was I sacrificing too much by playing games all for myself and making it less fun for others? I thought about how I could help others have fun. Maybe if I saw someone who was confused about the rules I could help them by explaining or they could play with me until they understand.

In Philippians 2: 3-4 God tells us through Paul (the author of Philippians) of that we should do nothing through selfish ambition but to instead, think of others. I gave one example where I used this concept in my life, but we have many other ways we can think of others more than ourselves and I challenge you to apply this verse to your daily life. How can you love others?

Capture the Bacon