We Want it to Be a Great Experience.

We operate on the Customer Service model of doing business, not the industrial manufacturing model of other educational institutions. If we can do ANYTHING to make your experience at ZLO better, please tell us. If you need help with carpooling, a change in your class schedule, if you need assistance with funding, a quieter place to study, a child with a special needs request, help on your ‘off’ days, anything to do with ZLO – if we can fix it or make it better, WE WILL!

Arrival and pick up times

Please, do NOT drop your child off before 8:30. While teachers may arrive early, it may also be possible that NO ONE will be present before then. Your promptness in picking them up within 10 minutes of your student’s last class is necessary. Except for janitorial services, the building is usually vacated about 10 minutes after our last class is finished.


There is one microwave oven for student use. If many students wish to use it, some may not get lunch. We have instant hot water for cup-of-soup type lunches. We also do NOT have access to a refrigerator to store lunches. Students 14 and over may be permitted to walk to the corner businesses during lunch. A written parent permission slip must be on file in our study hall notebook.

Student Drivers

Student drivers must obey all restrictions on their driver’s license. We will NOT check with parents first if there is a clear violation. These will be reported to 911. Students may NOT hang out in vehicles during study hall or lunch, as these are unsupervised areas.

Snow Days and Inclement Weather

Unless we have 3 or more days lost due to bad weather in a single term, we will NOT be making these up. Dates for make up days will be announced following the 3rd lost day. On days with a delayed start we will condense the schedule, shortening each period so that we can see all classes during the day. Consult the website for the revised schedule for that day.


Since we only meet twice weekly, there is little time for behavior management. Accordingly, we have high expectations for student behavior and greatly depend on parent support. Students are expected to be self-disciplined and respectful of other people and our facilities. We will always leave a facility in as good or better condition than when we entered it.

At all times, students must be where they are supervised, or have permission from a supervisor (instructor, study hall and lunch supervisors) to go elsewhere. If a student arrives a few minutes before class, please send them to the study hall to wait. The classroom hallway can get very noisy with just a few students. There is no charge for this use of study hall.

Each teacher or supervisor has his/her own behavior management style. If a student persists in disrupting a class then the student will be dropped from the class. No fees paid up to that time will be refunded.

Electronic devices in a student’s possession used in an inappropriate manner can be confiscated by an instructor or a supervising adult. It may be retrieved by a parent when the student is picked up for the day. Teachers may ask that devices be set aside during their class times.

Students will behave in a safe manner. They are not to endanger themselves, others, or our facilities. Students are encouraged to report behavior that is rude, crude, or dangerous so that it can be stopped. It is not tattling if someone could get hurt, if something could get ruined or if distractions persist that make learning difficult.

Romantic displays of affection between unmarried persons are not tolerated. Anyone wishing to bring a ‘date’ to a ZLO extra-curricular event will also bring a parent. ANY behavior that causes concern will be reported to the ZLO administrator and to parents.

Plagiarism may result in a failing grade. This is at the discretion of the instructor.

If a student avoids supervision, disobeys the directions of supervisors, or persists in behaving in an unsafe manner, a parent will be called to come and pick up the child. If a parent is unable to do so, the child will be driven to the parent’s place of work or another location the parent chooses. The fee for this service is $50.


Be covered. Get in front of a mirror, BEND OVER, and apply the 3-B test – ASK if you don’t know what this is. No spaghetti straps, no underwear showing, and hems on shorts and skirts will be knee-length.

Be clean.

Be comfortable.

Any communications on clothing may not dishonor our Lord.

If a student’s appearance is a distraction then the student will be removed from class, and parents will be called to bring a change of clothes. We have over-sized T-shirts available for temporary use.

School Records

ZLO is not a state-approved school, and cannot be because we 1) do not meet 180 days per year and 2) do not meet the time requirements (1000 hrs of educational activity) in a year. Therefore… ALL students, 8 years and older, must have registered as homeschoolers at your local school district office by September 15. If you have questions about this, please contact the ZLO administrator. Students who wish to play sports at a local high school MUST do this to establish player eligibility, and students who wish to attend Running Start must be registered with their local school district as students of homebased instruction for at least 1 year prior to Running Start. ZLO does NOT keep records of classes taken and grades awarded for transcripts.

Internet Usage

1. The WIFI is password protected and will not be shared with students except at the specific written request of parents who may want to have a student device available for communications with family members, or required homework.

2. Students who are quietly working on homework during study hall may use headphones or earbuds to listen to what is on their own device. Volume levels will be set so that music cannot be heard by a neighboring student. Device headphones may not be shared.

3. We want students to be interacting with other people while at ZLO. Except for communications with parents and listening to music during study hall, devices will be off and stowed.

Students who are found to be out of compliance will have their device confiscated and held by study hall supervisors or the administrator. A parent may retrieve the device when the student is picked up for the day. Parents who are working with a device while their child is taking a class may request access to our WIFI.

Study Hall

All students on the premises not waiting for parent pickup will either be in class or in a supervised study hall. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our study hall is set up for two reasons: To provide a quiet place for your child to complete homework, and to assist you so that you do not have to pick up your children in between classes.

Please do NOT use study hall for social time. We have school on two days per week, which leaves five for socializing.

The study hall supervisor is in charge. Students will follow directions given by that person. That person’s job is to maintain a quiet place for students to work. ANY activity that is a distraction or a disruption can be ended by the supervisor. Please refer to the discipline policy, above.

Any unusual or inappropriate behavior will be reported to the ZLO administrator and the student’s parents. Students may utilize other areas of the building or grounds for other activity IF there is an available supervisor.

ALL students must remain in areas where they are supervised.

One 2x weekly study hall is provided free of charge for each paid 2x weekly class A $30 nonrefundable, per semester fee will be charged for additional hours of study hall a student uses during the school day. This fee will be billed on the first day of school and will be added to your regular billing. The regular use of more than two study hall periods is discouraged and should be discussed with administration.