Plan A B or C Choice Showing Strategy Change Or DilemmaDID YOU KNOW…

…that you do NOT need a high school diploma to go to college?

…that ZLO has the endorsement of a local high school principal as having some of the best prepared, most successful students at that high school?

…that a high school diploma does NOT guarantee either instruction or knowledge in courses taken by a student, only that the student warmed the chair for 150 hours in exchange for a credit on a transcript?

…that NO local public school – homeschool extension program (sometimes called Parent Partnership Programs) that we know of is ‘accredited’ by ANY agency – only that they help you accumulate hours, NOT knowledge, toward their high school diploma?

  • Lumerit Scholar, formerly College Plus. Not for everyone, but perhaps a GREAT way for the ambitious homeschooler to get started on college at age 16, and sometimes younger.  Get the courses you need toward a degree, but not the debt!


Some files are in .pdf format for printing.

Keeping Records for transcripts

Questions about the literature you spend time with might come up on a college entrance questionnaire:

ZLO Official Transcripts

Do you need an official ZLO transcript? Probably not. Roll your ZLO classes into your transcript (see links above) as home-schooled classes taken from a tutor who was hired. Occasionally a document can help smooth a path. ZLO does NOT keep records for transcripts, but if your grade reports are handy then we can help you accumulate that into a ZLO transcript. The price is $35, plus a fee to cover postage wherever you wish it sent. Please ask your ZLO administrator.

We’ve been informed of a link to build your own transcript online. If you try it out please tell us how well it works.

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