Maintaining any type of organization requires the combined effort of multiple people with unique talents.  There are many moving parts and each role is important. Having the right people in the right place allows everyone to do their best and to be their best.

As a Board of Directors, I see that we have four main areas of responsibility:  faculty, facilities, finances, and families.  The first three are administrative – ensuring we have the right instructors to meet our needs, a place for us to meet, and a mechanism to handle funds.  The fourth area isn’t really about administration, it’s about our people and their connection to each other – parents, students, instructors, board. We rely on the PTO to help be the “glue” that holds it all together. We have been incredibly blessed to have Jill Roderick filling the role of PTO Director for the past few years, but she needs to pass the torch as her family ages out of ZLO.

I would ask all of us to consider what we can do to build a better community here at ZLO. If you can help us by being part cheerleader and part plate-spinner, we would love to have you join our PTO. Even if you can’t do it all, I’m sure we can find a place to plug you in!

If you would be willing to give of your time and talents to help us be our best, let’s connect. You can always contact me via email or text/phone 360-510-0614.


Dave Kangas

A Note from the Board President
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