As the summer winds down and we look forward to fall, I’d like to welcome all returning and new families to another fantastic school year at ZLO. Our staff is busy preparing their classrooms to warmly welcome all students and everyone is excited to see familiar and new faces!

I will be acting as board president, joining Doug Mangum, Sue Likkel and Bethany Pellerin. Our theme this year is “Love Thy Neighbor.” The theme takes many iterations, most obviously, we have the privilege of loving our neighbors as we happily serve students and parents, and you can love us through your presence and support.

We have, and will continue to run into bumps in the road, just like every other school community. At ZLO we’re blessed with fantastic families and we ask for your continued consistent support with forward and positive movement as we encounter shifting circumstances. Know that your ZLO Board has taken much time, thought and prayer as we pledge to navigate this year together in a thoughtful and considerate manner.

Take a few moments to welcome all students and staff whether a conversation, wave or email suits you best!

Looking forward to a terrific year and as always, happy to help!

Meredith Cratsenberg

A Note from the Board President: Theme for 2021-2022