FUNDrive Coordinators: Dave & Deanna Kangas
Phone: 360-483-6279 (Text or Call)

Time for Spring Cleaning! This should be easy AND fun!
GOAL: 400 Bags of SOFT GOODS items!

UPDATE: The Kelly’s have graciously offered to store items at their shop between now and the official date of the FUNDrive. Please contact Heather to make arrangements, if needed.
Phone: 360-305-9626

Have you been thinking about cleaning out a closet, or clearing out “stuff” that is in good shape, but you just don’t need or want anymore? Have friends or family that are cleaning out? Ask them to donate to our FUNDrive!

Instead of a garage sale, we will be delivering your donations to Value Village on May 6th. They will pay us *per pound* of items donated!

(Based on 13 Gallon Size) of Soft Good Items!
ZLO’s Official FUNDrive Page (Click Here)

On our FUNDrive page, you can “Pledge” (RSVP) approximately how many bags you think you will be donating. This will help us know what size Uhaul to bring to the FUNDrive!

We will have a moving truck in the parking lot at Laurel Church on May 6th, from 10:30am – 2:30pm. 

Items accepted: gently-used clothing, linens, jewelry, shoes, accessories (such as belts and purses), and small household goods (no furniture).


ZLO Spring FUNDrive! Time to Start Spring Cleaning!