What About Snow?Snow Day

Snow is rare enough here to be a treat when it happens. But what if it happens on a ZLO day?

  1. Because ZLO meeting site is within Meridian School District boundaries, we will generally do what Meridian does. If they are starting one or two hours late, then so will we.
  1. However, if you live where your commute to ZLO is much more difficult or dangerous, then please, PLEASE enjoy your snow day at home. Let your instructors know by text or a phone call that you won’t be coming in. Our instructors are happy to work with you.
  1. If ZLO is canceled then your instructor will contact you with a homework assignment. This could be a phone call or email.
  1. You may want to exchange Skype or Facetime contact information in the event that ZLO will be meeting but your commute is too dangerous.

Class schedules for starting late and additional information can be found on our website at http://zlo.org/weather/.

Molly Crocker, ZLO Director

Winter Weather Information
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