Where does the ZLO money go?

I’m not asked this question often. I think people believe that because we’re a Christian organization that the money spent on ZLO classes can be trusted to be spent well. With the guidance of a great bookkeeper, Heather Kelly, and our other Board members, we do our best to spend it wisely.

Of the $950 that a year-long class costs, $700 goes directly to the instructor for their services. We want excellent instructors, and paying for their time means we get them.

Another chunk goes to instructors according to what it costs to instruct, to buy supplies, texts, make copies, use materials. We decided this should be over and above basic course fees, and so this amount varies. We assume that it costs more to do science and art than it does to do English. Instructors bill ZLO from $80 to $140 per year for what we call ‘materials fees’. Instructors purchase and maintain their own equipment, including computers and projectors, and any software they use.

ZLO gets what’s left, from $110 to $170 per student per class. How much this totals depends on how many students we have taking classes. Right now it appears that we have 53 students taking 86.5 classes (some of our classes are only once weekly), giving ZLO a budget of $9515 to $14,705 per year.

The largest part of that is spent on rent: $4824. A nearly equal amount is spent on work exchanges, where parents supervise or do our bookkeeping or cleanup, and get part of their class fees paid for.

As administrator, I get $1,000 per year.  My name and phone number are on the documents that identify us.

We pay for the accounting service that helps us report our taxes, for insurance, a mailbox slot where we can receive your payments and other correspondence, our website space, our domain name, and the occasional building maintenance (new dry-erase surfaces) or tables when they wear out.

When we have 60 students taking classes then our basic obligations are easily met. This year’s student count is 53, and fund-raisers like Boxtops for Education, Fred Meyer, Amazon Smile all make a definite difference in our year-end outcome.

If ZLO has been of benefit to your family then please consider giving, from your abundance, to either our general fund for general-purpose expenses, or to our financial aid fund to help families who need it to pay for classes. Sometimes these needs come up mid-year, and that fund makes a real difference.

We (Board and instructors) pray for ZLO families. We would covet your prayers over any gift. We pray your Christmas season blesses your family in wonderful ways.

Molly Crocker
ZLO Board and Instructors

Where Does it Go?
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