Every winter our instructors prepare course descriptions of all the courses they offer.  If you browse them you’ll find we have many multi-talented people here!  Please click this link to begin your exploration:

Course offerings

We may be adding more courses up until the day the exercise opens, so check back!

There are many more classes offered than we have time to teach.  What lands on the schedule is the result of the scheduling exercise.  On April 11 a link to the exercise will be published on our web page.  It will also appear later in the week in our news.  The link will take you to a page where you can pick the classes you would like to have for your students.  You’re allowed to dream a little, and if there’s a class we don’t offer, you can request one.  You can also request more than four classes per student, and you’ll be able to prioritize which classes are most important.  You’ll also tell us if you have scheduling restrictions, such as not being able to stay after lunch because of other obligations.  During the week of April 17, we will be building the schedule around those requests on an upstairs hallway wall at LCBC.  Classes that get no requests will be eliminated.  Classes that overflow will get a second section. Requests for a class that we don’t currently offer will tell us that we’ll need to find another instructor.  Please be in prayer for these possibilities!  We love these kinds of problems but they require careful discerning, too.

We welcome parent participation in the process, so please come in on those days and see how the schedule is getting built.

What is a  Scheduling  Exercise?