Last month, you all had the opportunity to share what you are most grateful for on our Thankful Tree in the fellowship area at Laurel Church. By the time Thanksgiving arrived, the board was full of notes and all the leaves had been filled!

Heidi Koepp graciously volunteered to update the theme for the Christmas and New Year season. She has designed a beautiful board for you to share what you are trusting Jesus for through the next month and as you look forward to the New Year.

Please take a snowflake, or cut one of your own, and answer the question:Putting your trust in Jesus, what are you praying for, hoping to see happen, or striving to accomplish this coming year?” Then put it back in the pocket, and we will post them on the board. As the board fills, take time to read the thoughts shared and maybe commit to pray over one, or a few, during this season.

“May the true joy of Christmas fill all your hearts.”

What are you trusting Jesus for this season?
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