ZLO is happy to announce the addition of Kimberlee Terry and Jill Roderick to our faculty. 

Mrs. Terry’s degree is in Math Education from Bryan College in Tennessee.  Since then she has taught in several schools, including one in Kenya.  We became aware of her skills first as a ZLO parent, and then when we had her substitute for us.  Her references told us about how well organized she is, how much fun she is, how she builds relationships with students, and how much she wants to live her Christian witness.  She will start this year by filling the empty teaching positions of the Arithmetic class and the Algebra class.  We are very pleased that these previously unstaffed classes will now have a highly qualified instructor.  Welcome aboard, Mrs. Terry!


The ZLO board is also pleased to accept Jill Roderick as our new Art instructor. Jill has also had children in ZLO. She holds a BA in Art and has taught Art both in Illinois and locally for Lynden Christian. All of her references tell us how hard she works to build relationships with students and to point them to the Lord with whom she walks. Some years back, ZLO was facing low enrollment and had no organized parent support group. Jill saw the need and stepped in, gathered the parents, passed out tasks and got things done. The year ended very well, and we learned how very dependent our success is on the involvement of our parents. Hospitality is a necessary ingredient in everything we do, and Jill was the one that taught us that.

If you have already registered for Art with Mrs. Charleston, Art 1 is still being offered in 1st and 2nd periods. Please read the new art class descriptions here.



Welcome, Mrs. Terry & Mrs. Roderick!
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