We are almost two months into our academic year and thought it would be fun to hear from a few of our teachers about what is happening in their classes:

Dr. Doug Mangum – American History

In American History, we’ve been learning about life in Colonial America. Last week, everyone presented a “travel brochure” they created to highlight life in one of the original 13 colonies.

Mrs. Kristi Andres – Spanish I & II

We are having a great time in Spanish 1 and 2! In Spanish I, we just finished a unit on family names, adjectives, and pet words. The students did a family tree project that they presented to the class which included both sides of their families up to grandparents and even some pets. They were all so creative and each was unique!

In Spanish II, we have been working on vacation words and the preterite and conditional tense of verbs. The students made posters describing a dream vacation, what they did to prepare for it and what they would do on their trip, and presented those in class. It was fun to see each student’s perspective of what a dream vacation would look like.

Mrs. Sue Likkel – English (Beyond the Basics, Freshman English, Sophomore English)

Mrs. Likkel’s English classes are studying literature and continue to practice writing skills. The Beyond the Basics class just concluded reading The Outsiders and enjoyed a Saturday night movie night, complete with popcorn and chocolate cake. Sophomores are finishing Animal Farm, learning about the relevance of this brilliant allegory. Anyone with an interest in politics will glean much from this small gem. Freshman English is just beginning To Kill a Mockingbird, an American classic.



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