Spanish 1:
Currently we are finishing up a unit on food words for breakfast, lunch, dinner and fruits and vegetables. The students are also learning some words for things you set on the table (cups, plates, etc.). To practice our words we do some fun things like Bingo, Pictionary and the soup in the picture (the students told me what to add and I drew it). Last year we had fun as a class eating out at a Spanish restaurant and practicing ordering, but since that is not possible this year the students are designing a menu in Spanish and serving their families a meal. I am so excited to hear how it goes on Tuesday when they present to the class.

Spanish 2:
We are working on a unit that has to do with water cycles, recycling and being kind to the environment. We are also learning some more complicated verb forms which is a challenge, but it is amazing to see how these students have grown since first year!

In both classes we will be talking a bit about la Navidad (Christmas) over the next few weeks and attempting a craft. We will see how that goes over zoom!

[Virtual] Classroom Connection: Spanish 1 & 2
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