I am really excited about taking this trip with my ZLO friends.  Last time I went to this event was 10 years ago and it was not as the organizer.  So I have lots of information but still feel like there are a few holes.  I think the best plan would be to meet at the South end of the Safeway parking lot on Sunset at 7:00 AM.  We can get our car pools situated and quickly take off.  We will be parking in the E-18 parking lot that is just North of Husky Stadium on Montlake Boulevard  E.  The cost per car is $10 cash.  There may be a limit on how many cars we can bring.  The program begins at 9 and goes until 2.  We are registered and they did cut off the registration so I know it won’t be too crazy.  I do not think they micro manage us when we get there.  They will give us a program and send us on our way.  There is lots of information online if you would like to see more details.

I need everyone who is going, to email me.  Let me know if you are meeting me at Safeway, if you need a ride or if you will be meeting us at U of W.  The U of W meeting spot will be at Loew Hall.  Hopefully at 9, but probably more like 9:30.  The HUB is across the street and a good place to get food and drinks if you need to wait.  I think I still have extra room and would like to offer this opportunity to others.  So please confirm your spot with me soon.

God, please give us some sunshine to make this day extra special:)

-Mrs. Hadfield

University of Washington Engineering Discovery Days  Friday April 21st