Dear ZLO families,

The last four semesters have been unlike anything any of us could have predicted. The pandemic has shown us that as we pivot and flex – often with little notice – our school family remains committed to each other. Sure, it’s been a hassle to learn from home, to change what once were considered ordinary actions like turning in papers and dropping off kids, but this group continues to make these changes with us not just because all of you follow rules really well, but because you’re supportive and encouraging in how we now need to do school.

Our staff has seen what other teachers have not: students who attend cheerfully, work that is turned in faithfully, and parents who support consistently. The church’s grace seems to have no end and is responsive to whatever needs may arise. As administrator, I can assure our families that we truly have a staff that earns any bragging we do about them. The enthusiasm you see with your kids is what is seen in our meetings: teachers who are happy to work with your kids, who are aware of just how special our little school is and who work hard to bring creative, meaningful lessons to ensure that your child/children get the best learning we can offer.

It’s been acknowledged that kids that go on to other schools after they leave us are different in the best possible way. Here they learn skills that benefit them no matter where they go. A recent visitor marveled, “You have a good thing going here!” Yes, we do. We’d like other families to enjoy the same educational blessing that your kids are and so we are rolling out something new in the new year. Watch the newsletter for exciting announcements coming soon.

In the meantime, we pray that you all have a healthy and happy conclusion to 2021 and a joyous entry to 2022. You make our roles at school a pleasure, and we look forward to seeing your kids again soon.

Thank you for blessing us so much,

Sue Likkel

Thankful for 2021; excited for 2022!