Dear Parents,

Laurel Church has been a most gracious host, inquiring about and doing whatever they can to help run our program more smoothly.

The internet connection at Laurel has been barely enough to sustain us, and many days we are not able to show videos either due to bandwidth or the download speed. This is the reason we’ve restricted the password to teachers only, and to students when their parents request. Many of your kids are already on a data plan that doesn’t require Laurel’s internet connection.

Laurel has embarked on an upgrade program that should better serve ZLO and other building users on other days of the week. The cost for that upgrade is about $4,000.

As the grateful administrator of ZLO, I’d like to request of all of you a donation towards this project. Any amount, $5 and up, will help. If you are so moved, then please put your donation in an envelope, label it for Laurel Church Tech, and place it in our pay box.

Thank you for your consideration!

Molly Crocker
Administrator, ZLO

Technology at Laurel
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