If you are homeschooling or “crisis schooling” and have kids that need a little help in classwork, or need more to supplement what they’re already doing, we can help!

ZLO teachers are still holding regular classes and can assist you with one-on-one tutoring. We use a number of different avenues: Skype, Google Classroom, Zoom and others.

  • For extra help in Math (elementary through high school), contact Heather Hadfield (360-319-8355) or Molly Crocker (360-303-3464)
  • English (grades 7 & up), contact Sue Likkel (360-815-0112)
  • Preschool – 2nd grade, contact Heather Templin (360-927-4903)
ZLO Teacher Tutors 2020 (3)


Teachers offer tutoring support!
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