In Mrs. Likkel’s Freshmen English class they just read The Book Thief and were inspired to write poetry based on the narrator’s motif of colors.  The students crafted poem based on a favorite day and emphasized the colors and emotions from that day.

Poem written by Kate Clarke

A blissful day –

we hike up a winding trail,

chatter and laughter ringing through the woods,

recalling memories with family.

Piney boughs,

sweet summer smell,

birds chirping in the towering evergreen trees,

a wide, blue sky overhead,

not a cloud in sight.

Reaching the top,

Mt. Baker

looms before us, white and stunning.

Snacks are passed around,

a cool breeze ripples the tall grass,

lush, green meadows surround us.

We rest at the top,

soaking in

the warm, golden sunshine.

Parents talk, kids explore.

As we hike back down the trail,

the sun begins to set on this

perfect summer day.

Student Spotlight: Kate Clarke
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