ZLO is proud to welcome siblings Hannah and Zac Terry!

Hannah has many outside interests, including playing the tuba, theater, reading (usually a dozen books at a time) and archeology (perhaps her career someday?). Active in her church, she enjoys serving meals to the homeless.  Her newest challenge is named Linus, a 6 month old Persian kitten. Zac has a junior black belt in Kenpo karate (an honor that took 5 years to earn). he is working on his adult black belt which will take another 3 years of hard work, and is a junior instructor of karate as well. He relaxes by drumming, drawing or Legos. He has a large collection of throwing weapons. His room has several terrariums in it that house a bearded dragon, 2 frogs and 2 hermit crabs. Zac’s academic strengths are math and science. Both Hannah and Zac are kind, compassionate and joy-filled. We’re so glad they’re part of our ZLO family.

– submitted by Mrs. Sue Likkel

Student Spotlight: Hannah & Zac
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