Mark your calendar – March 18, 2017!

We will have a table outside Food Pavilion in Lynden on March 18 from 9am-12pm. If you are willing and available, we’d love to have as much ZLO participation as possible to sell the VW’s hanging basket gift certificates. It is not necessary to stay the whole time – just whatever you can fit into your schedule. We encourage anyone attending to wear their ZLO shirt/sweatshirt!


Certificates are available NOW in Study Hall! If you are interested in helping raise money for ZLO by selling these certificates, please see a study hall supervisor, and they will make sure to give you your certificates.

Funds and all unsold certificates must all be turned in by
March 28, before Spring Break.

Funds raised support the Financial Aid program at ZLO.

That means it’s time again for ZLO’s Hanging Basket Certificate Fundraiser. VW’s (formerly Van Wingerden’s) Greenhouses in Blaine sells some of the most beautiful, lush hanging baskets around, and ZLO is selling $25 certificates to be redeemed for a hanging basket ($35-$40 value!!) at their greenhouse in Blaine.  That means that all you do is collect $25 from your customer and give them the certificate and you are done!  The customer can then drive to the greenhouse with their certificate (April 21-May 13 for best selection) and pick out their hanging basket, so they get exactly what they want!

Jill Roderick and Shana Curd are coordinating it again this year, so if you are interested in selling certificates, you may pick them up at ZLO starting Tuesday, February 21 at lunch.  Ask neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, former ZLO families, etc.  The baskets are a great deal for the customer and for ZLO…they literally sell themselves!

Thank you for helping us help ZLO.


SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Volunteers Needed!
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