Submitted by Mrs. Andres in May 2020

What does Spanish 1 look like during the Coronovirus? I am currently using zoom to meet with my students on our regular class days and at the same time, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. We go over the curriculum that we would usually review in class. I love seeing their faces and being able to talk and joke with them. It’s harder to do all the fun games and extras that we usually do in class so we meet for about 45 minutes instead of an hour and 15 minutes. They still have their regular homework each week to do in their workbook and a quiz or test each week depending on where we are in the lesson. They do these at home on the honor system and then send a copy back to me to correct. Right now we are working on a unit about animals in different environments and the students will choose one environment to do a special project on. Illustrating and labeling animals from that environment and then writing some sentences to describe either the location, weather or animals that are there. We are also taking some time as we have a little extra at the end of the year to learn some more irregular verbs. It is hard to believe that the year is almost over. I have loved teaching Spanish with ZLO this year and I’m excited to add to the offerings next year.

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