For some years, now, I’ve had serious doubts about the investment return of 4-year university. I’ve been telling students and their families who want to go to college to NOT DO IT if it can’t be done without student loans. A former ZLO student, recently graduated from college, has a $729 per month student loan payment. This is not freedom or financial security. This is bondage.

Click below for another view. There are some truths here.  Praxis and Lumerit Scholar are now options for college. Do your research. We endorse neither, because both require an adventurous and ambitious mindset that is not for everyone.

I would add that, with so much curriculum available FOR FREE on the web, that it is really possible to gain the knowledge for learning what you want to learn to do what you want to do. For free. So where are you spending your time? Social media, or iTunes University? 


Some thoughts about college…
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