It’s not too late to join our middle school science class.   We are beginning our unit on Mousetrap Cars.   By studying the force of the mousetrap arm and its relationship to work and distance. We will design and build our own car.  Then, of course, race to the checkered flag.  After this 6-7 week unit, we will experiment with how forces affect the structure of a vehicle frame.  At the end of this unit, we will put an egg in our vehicle and test our hypothesis.  We will end the year by studying and building structures that need to withstand a lot of force, like bridges.
Middle school science is offered 3rd and 4th period.  There are only two students in the 3rd-period class and they would love more scientists to gather data with, hypothesize and experiment with.

Please join us!

Thank You,

Heather Hadfield

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