The sophomores in Mrs. Likkel’s English class read all of their literature through the perspective of their Christian worldview, discerning not only how the author reveals his or her worldview but seeing how it compares with their own. Every once in a while, we have alignment, but most often, people try to live life without God guiding them. Here’s what our students had to say:

Cole Philips: I believe that everything has a meaning. Everything. From the choice of what to eat for lunch to the time you lost your job. Everything has some sort of spiritual significance. It’s all part of His plan. Also, faith should be a daily practice. I see how Jesus works through faith. It’s a connection between Him and us. I believe we’ll see more of God’s work if we devote a daily practice of faith in Him. When we read The Grapes of Wrath, I saw characters who were complex human beings with their own morals and weaknesses. They were not all religious, although some were and looked for what God had in store for them. Some looked at God as an extra, like something you do if you have time for Him. This helped me realize how different are my own views of God from the characters.

Heidi Koepp: I read about a character who established his own morals and standards for behavior which, as a result, caused great harm to people around him. I believe that people should strive to have pure morals and follow Jesus as our example. We need to be kind, fair, respectful and selfless so that the decisions we make will not harm other but benefit them.

Kate Clarke: I believe that God’s grace and presence abounds in our daily lives, and that we can trust and depend on Him because He always keeps His promises. I saw this in a book we read, Peace Like a River, when Jeremiah, a man with a deep relationship with God, values faith above all else. Although he and his family suffer through troubling times, he remains steadfast to God and relies on the hope that God will lead them. On one occasion, he leaves on a journey with his family without any destination in mind. His childlike faith sends him on this adventure and he simply follows the Lord’s guidance. Jeremiah is a man of wisdom who seeks the Kingdom of God in every circumstance.

One of our primary themes this second semester was that attitudes and actions have consequences and nowhere do we see that so clearly as in the lives of the characters in our studies. This helped to clarify our own worldview and gives us pause when making our own choices.

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