UPDATE: Re-Opening Plan Delayed Until Further Notice

Our school year continues to be one marked by the need for grace and flexibility. Thank you, parents, for the latitude you've given us to pivot while we try to plan. Your support is felt and deeply appreciated.

As you know, we aim to return to in-person classes on December 1st. Because of the state's new regulations, we may be asked to push that date into the new year. Until then, we will proceed as if the plan holds. To that end, we ask that parents help in manning the temp table that will be at the entrance. As you may remember from earlier emails from board president, Dave Kangas, we will be signing each person into the building and noting their temperature. Since that will inevitably mean that the times will be just before classes start and up to the minute or after they begin, teachers will be challenged to do this task. Would you be able to take a time slot for us?

This will include just being at the door about 15 minutes before the start of each class time and note the student's name, take their temp and record it. That's it! Once all are inside for the hour, you're free to go. Class times for on-site classses are:

  • 1st hour: 8:45-10
  • 2nd hour: 10:05-11:20
  • Lunch: 11:20-11:55
  • 3rd: 12-1:15
  • 4th 1:20-2:30

Deepest thanks!

Re-Opening Plans & Help Opportunities
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