June 5, 2020

Dear ZLO Families,

Allow us to start this message by thanking you and our staff for a relatively seamless transition this year, as we adapted literally overnight to our stay-at-home order. To shift gears on a moment’s notice without disruption was truly a herculean effort, and we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge and thank our staff for the untold effort it has taken to make this happen.

Questions have been asked regarding our plans for this fall. Clearly, we cannot forecast the landscape three months from now, and implementing a solid plan with multiple moving targets is problematic. We will be reviewing protocols issued from the state, our local school administrations, and the leadership at Laurel Church. The ZLO board has agreed that we intend to proceed as if everything will be back to “normal” by the time the next school year starts, with the full understanding that it may not be so.

We would ask that you do the same. Please continue to register for classes and work exchange credits as if we are running at full capacity. If we are restricted in our ability to meet, we will revisit scenarios regarding credits, deposits, and fees. The same holds true for your own comfort levels as families. Continued social distancing or other factors may arise that affect your child’s ability to participate as normal; if that happens, let us have a conversation about how best to proceed. Our intent is to be flexible as we navigate this together.

This situation is larger than our small group and requires wisdom and guidance. Pray for our group as we strive to make the best decisions in this ever-changing environment.

ZLO Board –

Bethany, Dave, Jonathan, Molly, Sue

Planning for next year during uncertain times
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