From our Director, Molly Crocker:

We have a few staff changes for the upcoming year that we need to share with you:

Although she will be missed greatly, we rejoice that Vanessa Vis can join the ranks of women blessed to be full-time moms when this school year finishes. Here’s what a few of her students, and their parents have to say:

Thank you, Mrs. Vis, from Titus & Asa Spackman (tap on photo to enlarge)

“I have loved that my 2 kids had Mrs. Vis as their first introduction to a teacher who isn’t mom. She has been so sweet with them. Taking them where they are and then building them up to where they are doing more then they ever thought they could. The thoughtful little gifts for Christmas and birthdays are such a blessing, as kids love to be remembered. Thank you for everything Mrs. Vis!” ~ Kristi Andres

“Mrs. Vis you have been a great first teacher for me at ZLO. You have been so nice and kind to me. I will really miss you!” ~ Natalie Elenbaas

“Mrs. Vis,
You gave me a strong foundation to move forward in English. Thank you so much!”
Rebecca Clarke

“Mrs. Vis,
You always cared about us and cheered for us to succeed. I’m glad I had you for my teacher for two years!”
Sam Clarke

“Mrs. Vis,
I always liked coming to class. You taught me so much English when I was pretty little. Have a wonderful time in your home as a mom!”
Meg Clarke

“Mrs. Vis,
Our family appreciates every hour you spent planning and implementing, grading and recording, directing and encouraging your students. You took the time to care for each one, all with a genuine smile 😊 You will be missed.”
Mary Ann Clarke

If you have a special memory or thank you for Mrs. Vis, please send them to our Registrar, Deanna Kangas. She will be compiling them to give to Mrs. Vis at a later date.

Please welcome our new instructors!

God blesses ZLO with really amazing people! Year after year, and especially at our Open House events, I find my jaw on the ground, amazed at how He has brought us inspired, imaginative instructors who produce real results in students. We have three more to tell you about!

Dana Carpenter will be offering English to our upper elementary and middle school classes, and is also offering a personal finance course that parents are welcome to take, too. She may also teach office software skills. Dana began her working career in business as a marketing specialist, having earned a degree in communications. But in 2014 she turned to education, earned a teaching certificate, and has been working as a tutor and substitute teacher since then. People speak very highly of the standards she holds for herself and her students, and her ability to see and speak truth when that’s needed.

Noah Johnson has been a ZLO-er for perhaps a decade. He could probably tell you something about most of our instructors, having been in a class taught by nearly all of them. Noah’s passion is videography, and Noah has heard a calling to focus time and energy on homeschoolers and youth. He also helps lead the youth group at Northwest Baptist Church. Noah’s video work is found on our website, and he will teach students technical skills while they learn to use those skills to be a witness to God’s work.

Naomi Wilkes just very recently found and connected with us. Naomi is a gifted natural educator who brings us Chinese and violin. Naomi gave our board an online lesson in Chinese, and I can tell you that the dread of this mystery language is gone, replaced by fun! She also shared a violin lesson that she delivered over Zoom, and I look forward to having guitar students accompany her fiddle students very soon. You can find links to her sample teaching videos on our website.



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